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I finished Book 3:

  • The Beach episode was pure gold.
  • Zuko joining team Avatar was the best thing to happen to the show.
  • I now understand the “not as big of a jerk as you could have been” reference.
  • Sokka waiting for Suki in his tent was pretty much bold and amazing thank you Nickelodeon I see you there and I appreciate it.
  • I still ship Zuko and Katara I’m not even sorry about it.
  • So Toph doesn’t like Sokka? But she blushed in that one episode! And when she thought he rescued her she was all excited. I mean I love Sokka and Suki but I was just confused…
  • Ok real time now no more bullet points here comes the real deal:

My friends have been telling me to watch this for a couple of years and the reasons have always been “it’s amazing” or “the characters are really awesome!” But if someone had just said, “It’s a animated children’s show on Nickelodeon that has a complete story arc and complete character development with bold choices and deep emotional points” I would have been OK LET ME AT THIS. But no, no one ever said that to me. Doesn’t anyone know I live for that shit? I study children’s TV in my own spare time! I’m always complaining how children’s TV isn’t up to par. (I’m putting Avatar in this children’s category because it’s animated and on Nickelodeon but I do understand it’s not quite that simple). If I can just talk about Zuko for a second: His character is one of the best and thought out character arcs I have ever seen. His inner turmoil keeps him interesting. The part I especially love is when he goes up to his father and says that he now understands that what the fire nation is doing is wrong and what his father did to him was wrong! He figured it out himself guys! He decided not to be a victim. He was like yeah no I was 13 and you shouldn’t have done that to me that was fucked up. There’s like 10,000 more things I could say about him but it would take too long. The scene at the end when Azula is tied up and thrashing and crying was so intense and amazing. You could see her desperation, confusion, sadness, rage, all in a couple of seconds. Can we talk about how shows for kids DON’T EVER DO THIS?! I AM FLOORED. THANK GOD FOR THIS SHOW MAN. Sokka’s development from being a funny guy into a mature warrior is amazing. The Fire Nation itself is so well thought out. I saw that one post about how Slytherin should have been like the Fire Nation and YES! I love the fire nation because it’s not all good or evil. IT’S COMPLEX. YAY FOR COMPLEXITY. The fact that they go back and forth between things and throw curve balls at you is so special to me because most shows just do individual episodes without an arc. I get that I’m like 9 years late on this but I think it’s actually better that I watched this as an adult. The Disney Channel could take serious notes here. Both networks are geared toward the same age range and Nickelodeon definitely stepped it all the way up. I’m really happy that this show exists.

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