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Firstly, I have reached over 700 followers!!! Thank you guys!!! <3 <3 <3

Secondly, I once again will not be able to do a OUAT recap (I know, you’re all heartbroken). I think I will be able to do the one from last week tomorrow though.

Thirdly, have a happy Easter! (I mean, I don’t celebrate it and I’m still eating Matzah but everyone else have fun with all the food YOU can eat). *sits bitterly in the corner*


Catching up on Reign. I really hate saying OTP and the like but if I had a NOTP, it would definitely be Bash and Kenna. I want to break something every time they are together. This show literally went from SHIP ALL THE SHIPS to the biggest NOPE I have ever noped.

Update: I have never noped so hard at that kiss. And it’s so unfair because I love it when he likes ANYONE because he looks at people so lovingly and he’s so selfless. Fuck this show it ruined my life I hate you Torrance Coombs you beautiful little shit.

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